Please refer to the following FAQs if you have any questions when using the website to make a reservation.

1.About user environment

[What browsers are supported?]

We have tested that our website works with the following browsers.


・Internet Explorer 11

・Microsoft Edge 25.10586.0.0

・Google Chrome 47.0



Smart phones

・iOS 9.1/ safari

・Android 4.2 / Chrome

*We are constantly testing compatibility with new browsers, though some issues may exist with pre-release browsers. These issues may include display problems and unstable operations.

[About Cookies]

Highwaybus.com uses cookies for the purpose of acquiring information for on-going improvement of the website and for enhancing convenience for visitors to the website.

[About stylesheets and JavaScript]

Highwaybus.com uses stylesheets and JavaScript. If you have disabled stylesheets and JavaScript in your web browser, the web site may not display correctly.

Please view the web site with stylesheets and JavaScript enabled in your web browser settings.

Refer to the browser help pages or contact the software distributor to check how to adjust your settings.

[About e-mail settings]

Please adjust your e-mail settings so that you can receive messages from our web site.

If you use an e-mail filter, please white list the address and/or domain below so that you can receive our messages.




[Does the website have robust security?]

The Website has obtained an Extended Validation Certificate (EV) of VeriSign Secure Server ID technology.

When the User transmits personal information or reservation information, etc., this technology protects such data using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Therefore, the User can find the desired bus route with peace of mind.

SSL is a reliable applied encryption technology for keeping internet connection secure.

It encrypts data transmitted between the User's device (browser) and the Website's server, thereby preventing the data from being intercepted by a third party.

2.How to use the website

[How do I make a reservation?]

Starting on the website's home page, please proceed from "Departing from/Arriving at," "Search by Keyword," "Recommended Tourist Destinations," or "Special Package Deals." If you follow through to the Payment Completion screen, your reservation will be completed.

[How are times and dates displayed?]

Times and dates on the website are in JST - Japan Standard Time.

[Do children have to pay to ride the bus?]

Children under the age of 12 are eligible for the child's fare.

Infants who do not require a seat of their own are also required to pay a child's fare due to legal restrictions on the total number of passengers.

[How do I pay?]

Payments must be made through our website's online credit card payment system. The following credit cards are accepted.


[How do I confirm my reservation?]

Click on “My Reservation” located on the top right of the website.
After you have entered the country code, phone number, email address, and names as registered on your reservation, click on My reservation.
*Please specify a country code.
*Please enter your email address as it appears on your reservation (eg. upper case and lower case letters).
*Please enter your surname and first name as they appear on your reservation (eg. upper case and lower case letters).
*Please check your surname and first name you have entered (eg. They may have been entered in the wrong field in the registration).

[How are bus tickets issued?]

You can choose to have either a "Web Ticket" or a "Mobile Phne Ticket" issued.

To select a "Web Ticket," please use the "Print Web Ticket" button in the reservation confirmation window that appears when you confirm your reservation.

For round-trip tickets, please print out separate tickets for each leg of your trip.

To select a "Mobile Phone Ticket," please use the "Send Mobile Phone Ticket" button in the reservation confirmation window that appears when you confirm your reservation.

*For special package deals, please print out your voucher for your package deals, or your bus ticket and the package deals voucher.

*If you are part of a bus tour, please print out the payment confirmation e-mail message or be prepared to show this message on your mobile phone.

[Can a receipt be issued;jsessionid=D811F7A649E3BA72D765AED2976C8855?]

Please click on the "Print" button in the reservation confirmation window that appears when you confirm your reservation to print a receipt.

Receipts can be issued up to the departure date.

[How do I cancel a ticket;jsessionid=D811F7A649E3BA72D765AED2976C8855?]

Please use the "Cancel" button in the reservation confirmation window that appears when you confirm your reservation.

Cancellations cannot be made after the cancellation deadline. Tickets that are not used are invalidated.

[How can I receive a refund for a cancelled ticket;jsessionid=D811F7A649E3BA72D765AED2976C8855?]

Refunds from cancellations will be sent to the credit card on record.

As we send cancellation refund notices to credit card companies on the 15th of every month, it may take more time to receive your refund than expected.

[Can a bus ticket be changed?]

You cannot change your reservation after your payment is completed. If you would like to change your reservation, please cancel your reservation and make a new one.

[What do I do if I did not receive the payment confirmation e-mail?]

Some e-mail account settings may prevent messages from our web site from being delivered.

Even if you do not receive the confirmation message, your reservation is complete if you can see your reservation details from the "My Reservation" button.

Please print a web ticket and bring it on your departure date, or adjust your e-mail settings and choose to receive a mobile phone ticket.

( Click here to check how to issue a ticket)

*Payment confirmation messages cannot be resent.

3.About boarding the bus

[How do I know where to board the bus;jsessionid=D811F7A649E3BA72D765AED2976C8855?]

Please click the "Timetable" button on the Timetable (Seat Availability) screen. If you click on the name of the bus stop shown on the timetable, information for that stop will appear.

Alternately, you can use the "My Reservation " button in the upper right of the website's home page after your reservation has been completed.

Enter the name, telephone number, and e-mail address you entered to make your reservation, and click on "My Reservation".

If you click on the name of the bus stop shown in your reservation details, information for that stop will appear.

[Will the bus wait for me?]

The bus will depart on schedule even if you do not show up at the bus stop at the designated time.

Please arrive at the bus stop with extra time to spare.

[What do I need to bring when boarding the bus?]

You will need your bus ticket when boarding the bus.

Please remember to take your Web Ticket or Mobile Ticket when you board.

If you forget your ticket, you will have to pay for another ticket. Also, please be aware that you may not be able to board the bus in these situations.

[Are all the seats assigned?]

If your bus is assigned a specific seat, please sit in the seat number that is specified on your ticket.

If your bus is not assigned a specific seat, seating is first come, first served (no seat number will be shown on your ticket).

4.About facilities onboard

[Do the buses have lavatory?]

Buses that have the "lavatory " symbol shown at the time of reservation are buses equipped with toilets.

This may be subject to change, however, if a specific bus is undergoing maintenance. For buses without lavatory, your driver can stop at the nearest rest stop if you make such a request.

[Is smoking allowed on the bus?]

All of our buses are non-smoking.

[Can I use a mobile phone on the bus?]

Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from taking on the phone on the bus.

[Will the lights on the bus be turned off?]

Buses traveling at night will have their interior lights turned off after departure. Your driver will provide notice before the lights are turned off.

[Can large bags be accommodated?]

Each transportation company has separate regulations on large baggage, such as bicycles, skis, and musical instruments.

The buses have a lower baggage compartment, though some items may not be allowed due to the size.

Passengers are requested to handle loading and unloading of their own bags from the lower baggage compartment.

[E-mail inquiries]

We welcome e-mail inquiries with questions on how to use our site.

*It may take time to respond to the inquiry.

*We are not able to accept reservations, cancellations, or changes by e-mail.

5.Contact information

Executive Secretariat, highwaybus.com, Keio Dentetsu Bus Co., Ltd.

E-Mail: info@highwaybus.com

Business hours: 9:00 AM--6:00 PM

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, 12/30-1/3rd.