Bus Seat Reservation System

Please select the date for boarding.

Tokyo Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal    Fujikyu Highland

Boarding date

  • Reservation of the Expressway Bus departing from either Shinjuku, Shibuya and Nagoya can be made on this website.

  • Seating can be secured with our seat designation system.

  • The boarding process

  • Make reservations from this site
    (print reservation information)
    Pay fare at express bus terminal
    (cash only)

  • On-Line Cancellation Form

  • Transportation stipulations (written in Japanese only)

  • highwaybus.com (Japanese-language express bus reservation site)

  • Please either print out the confirmation page of the online reservation or note the telephone number that you filled in the reservation form.
    Please note that the print-out of the confirmation page cannot be retrieved if lost.
    If you lost the print-out, you will be asked the telephone number instead in order to issue the tickets.

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